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This article covers addiction and rehab centers in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. Topics covered include regional information, addiction statistics, rehab centers and rehab treatment resources in Spruce Grove region.

Spruce Grove is a city in the vicinity of Edmonton, Alberta. Like neighboring Stony Plain it is surrounded by Parkland County. With a population of 32,036, Spruce Grove is the 9th largest city in Alberta. The Horizon Stage Performing Arts Centre is the local theatre, and its TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre is a popular recreation facility. As it is 11 km west of Edmonton, many citizens travel there to shop. However, there are a great number of businesses on the west end that citizens commonly utilize.

The current mayor is Stuart Houston. Jennifer Heil, the freestyle skier who won the first gold medal for Canada in the 2006 Winter Olympics games in Turin, Italy, and a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics is from Spruce Grove, as is Carla MacLeod, a member of the 2010 Canada women’s national ice hockey team.

Spruce Grove is located near the province’s geographical center, 19 miles from downtown Edmonton and 8.7 miles from Edmonton’s city limits. It is part of the Edmonton Capital Region.
The City of Spruce Grove’s 2015 municipal census counted a population of 32,036, a 8.5% change from its 2014 municipal census population of 29,526.

In the 2011 Census, the City of Spruce Grove had a population of 26,171 living in 9,619 of its 10,105 total dwellings, a 33.9% change from its 2006 adjusted population of 19,541. With a land area of 32.37 km2 (12.50 sq mi), it had a population density of 808.5/km2 (2,094.0/sq mi) in 2011.

Spruce Grove Addiction Statistics

Population 32,036, (8.5% change from its 2014 municipal census population of 29,526)
Stony Plain & Spruce Grove’s population increased by 59.1% between 1994 and 2014 (compared to a 56% increase for Alberta) and currently stands at 56,039 people. (Figure 2.2) The largest age group in the LGA, in 2014, was 35-64 year olds who accounted for 39.8% of the population compared to 40.4% for Alberta. (Figure 2.1) Children 17 and under made up 23.7% of the LGA’s population compared to 22.2% for Alberta, while individuals 65 and older accounted for 11.9% of the population in the LGA and 11.3% in Alberta.

In Canada $21.4 billion worth of alcoholic beverages were sold during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013, $2.4 billion in Alberta. 76.2% of Albertans reported drinking alcohol in 2012
Among people who consumed alcohol over the past year in Alberta 11.9% exceeded the guideline for chronic effects and 8.8 % exceeded the guideline for acute effects.

Cannabis use among Albertans aged 15 years and older was 11.4% illicit drug (Cocaine/Crack, Speed, Methamphetamine/ Crystal meth Hallucinogens, Ecstasy, and Heroin) use in Alberta for the previous year was 11.6%

$4.4 Billion – The overall cost of substance abuse for Alberta ($1,414 per capita)
Female addicts are 54% more likely to die prematurely because of their drug addiction in Spruce Grove.

A recent survey revealed that Albertan teens were still experimenting with substances that can potentially lead to addictions when the teen reaches their mid-twenties. The survey revealed that approximately 56% of all teenagers in grades 7-12 had at some point indulged in alcohol; this drinking usually took place at parties where there is no parental supervision. The alarming fact revealed was how many teens were more comfortable experimenting with marijuana instead of cigarettes. Only 16% of the teens surveyed said that they tried to smoke a cigarette whilst 28% said that they had tried smoking marijuana.

Whilst the fact that teens experiment is no surprise, the trick is making sure that they understand the possible short-term and long-term effects their experimentation can have. In addition to making sure they know about the physical dangers of drugs and alcohol; teens should also be made aware of the legal ramifications.

Rehab Centers and Treatment Resources in Spruce Grove

Although perhaps not as plentiful as some of the other large cities in the Alberta region, rehab centers do exist in Spruce Grove, but due to population and demand are somewhat limited.

Most data available doesn’t break down statistics or remedial actions into gender, but we believe this is a particularly important factor, especially based on evidence that women are more easily addicted in the first place and require specific tailored treatment to solve their addiction problems.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse has researched the differences of addiction among women and men and found that different factors formed the reasoning behind their use. Possibly because of women’s metabolisms, their bodies react differently to certain drugs such as cocaine for example.

Very few people understand just how scary and difficult it can be to fight an addiction, nevermind that goes with attending drug rehab centers, but the good news is that it’s totally possible with the right help, advice and guidance, and you’ll come out of it as a much stronger person.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiciton in Spruce Grove, Alberta, and need more information on drug rehab centers, call the 24 hour addiction helpline here: 1-800-801-8354

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