Fentanyl rehabilitation centres (or addiction treatment centres) are an effective way to stop using drugs. Drug rehab facilities usually require the substance addicted person to successfully complete a detox program before they will be accepted into treatment. Sometimes a drug intervention is needed first. Drug and alcohol treatment centres have their own unique programs which are designed to help people get off of drugs and stay clean and sober. In this article we will talk about:

  • Fentanyl rehab
  • How people can become addicted to drugs
  • Ways people try to quit on their own
  • What the best way to detox is
  • How to get into rehab
  • How to continue with recovery after treatment

Fentanyl Use for Pain Relief (Opiates or Painkillers Also Used)

One of the functions of opiates is to offer pain relief. Many opiates or painkillers (like fentanyl) can cause someone to become addicted with continued use. Addiction can happen right away or over a long period of time. Everyone’s situation is unique. There are many different fentanyl addiction stories, and different reasons as to how people ended up becoming drug dependent. With fentanyl specifically, a person may already be addicted to opiates and find themselves using fentanyl without even knowing. This is because fentanyl is a filler ingredient that is mixed into other drugs.

Fentanyl Forms – What Does Fentanyl Look Like and How is It Consumed?

Fentanyl comes in many different forms and can be consumed either by eating it, smoking it, snorting it, injecting it (IV drug use) or as a patch. If you suspect someone you know is using fentanyl, it may be in one or more of these formats:

  • Fentanyl patch
  • Fentanyl lollipop / candy
  • Fentanyl pill
  • Fentanyl nasal spray
  • Fentanyl powder
  • Fentanyl liquid

Fentanyl Abuse Side Effects – Relationships, Employment, Financial and Health

When someone becomes addicted to drugs, it affects their lives in various negative ways. Each drug will have different consequences, though the main ones include withdrawal from family and friends, job loss, loss of personal items or assets, deteriorating appearance and health complications. Fentanyl abuse side effects differ with how much of the drug is consumed (just like any other drug) but there is a real hidden danger with fentanyl because of how strong it is. The most serious side effects are fentanyl overdose, coma and death.

Fentanyl Treatment – Withdrawal, Detox and Entering a Rehab Program

If you or someone you know is using fentanyl it is only a matter of time before treatment is needed. The best way to recover from drug addiction is by entering into a fentanyl rehabilitation program (will also treat other drugs and sometimes treat alcohol addiction as well).

Drug and alcohol programs provide a safe place for addicts to come to terms with their addiction and learn how to live life drug free. There is a much higher chance of success with a rehab facility than trying to kick an addiction alone or without professional help. Many fentanyl addicts (or addicts in general) will first start by trying to detox at home.

Detox – At At Home or at a Detox Centre, Which is Best?

Fentanyl detox at home is very dangerous as it can be life threatening. During the fentanyl withdrawal timeline, especially when someone experiences withdrawal cold turkey, their body goes into shock. This is a medical emergency. Withdrawal treatment requires monitoring from an inpatient drug detox centre. Another reason why a drug inpatient facility is best is because the reasons behind an addiction are addressed.

How do People Become Addicted to Fentanyl, Prescription Medication and Other Drugs or Alcohol?

Usually, people begin to use drugs or alcohol as a way to avoid their feelings or to help them forget about something traumatic. There are also people who may have had an injury and become addicted to prescription medication. Because addiction has physical and psychological complications, getting help from experienced rehabilitation professionals is the best approach. If there are no drug and alcohol or fentanyl addiction treatment centres near you, then other areas must be looked at.

We are a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre in the Greater Vancouver Area of BC, Canada – We Offer Fentanyl Rehabilitation

At West Coast Wellness Treatment Centre for Women, we specialize in helping women recover from the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. We are a residential treatment clinic and practice a 12 step model (Alcoholics Anonymous). We take the time to get to know each woman that enters our rehab facility and believe in group therapy, as well as a 1 on 1 approach is the best way to treat an addiction. We offer:

  • Detox
  • Daily one-on-one counselling
  • Daily group sessions
  • 12 steps of self esteem
  • Personalized treatment plan (including spiritual exploration)
  • Relapse prevention plan
  • Aftercare program (including building a support network)

Fentanyl Recovery – Drug and Alcohol Recovery Process

Every woman that enters our drug and alcohol program is guided with compassion, love and professional care. Once we address the addiction, things that lead to the addiction and walk our clients through personal development stages, the recovery process can begin. Fentanyl recovery, opiate recovery, or recovery from other drugs or alcohol is possible. Everyone deserves to get their life back and reconnect with loved ones. We understand addiction and are ready to help.

We can help – Contact Us for Help With Fentanyl Rehabilitation or Drug and Alcohol Addiction Today

We are one of the best drug rehab centres in Canada and have been featured in many TV shows including Intervention Canada. We have a very high success rate – check out our client video testimonials.

If you or someone you know needs fentanyl rehabilitation or drug and alcohol rehab, we are here to help. Please contact us for more information about us or our addiction services. We understand addiction and you are not alone. Help is only a call away. Call 1-800-801-8354 to speak with us today.