Fentanyl overdose treatment preparation is an important step in handing an overdose. 911 should be called immediately and if you have an overdose kit, you should have it ready. Stay calm and listen to the operator’s instructions. From the minute you call 911 about an overdose, help is being sent to your location. The reason for overdose treatment preparation is so that you can do what is needed in order to potentially save a life. Time is of the essence, especially with fentanyl.

What to Do When (Or if You Think) Someone is Having An Overdose – Call 911 and Grab an Overdose Kit if You Have One

When an overdose happens, it is important to act quick. It is better to get help if you are unsure someone is having an overdose, rather than wait. Some of the fentanyl overdose symptoms are similar to other opiates, but rapid progression of an OD could indicate the possibility of fentanyl. With a keen eye you will be able to spot these tell-tale signs of an overdose and get help before it’s too late.

It’s Easy to Overdose On Fentanyl Because Addicts Don’t Know They are Using Fentanyl and It is Very Potent

Some people think that fentanyl drug abuse is at the core of an overdose, but most people who are having a fentanyl overdose are unaware they have used fentanyl at all. This is because fentanyl is commonly used as a filler ingredient due to its wide availability and low cost. When an addict uses fentanyl it is extremely easy to overdose because of how strong it is, in comparison with other drugs in the same classification like heroin or morphine.

Fentanyl Overdose Treatment Preparation Basics Covered – Contact Us for Help With Drug Addiction

Here in BC, there is a network of training resources for people who feel their loved ones or someone they know is at risk. Knowing what the fentanyl overdose treatment preparation steps are is critical if you witness an overdose or find someone who is in trouble. Please contact us for help. We are a drug and alcohol treatment centre for women and specialize in 1-1 and group therapy, wellness, self-esteem building and spirituality. Our successful approach is based on many years of experience facilitating the rehabilitation and recovery process of substance addicted women. If you are here for someone you love or know, or for yourself, you are not alone. Our caring staff are here for you. Pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-801-8354. Recovery starts here.