Fentanyl addiction is very tough to break, but there is hope. Fentanyl is a powerful opiate that causes feelings of euphoria for a short period of time in its users. The short-lived high, followed by depression and agitation creates a craving for more. There are many serious risks of using fentanyl, including death.

Fentanyl Overdoses in 2016 – Hundreds Dead in Vancouver, BC

Fentanyl is an extremely dangerous drug. Street-sourced fentanyl is almost never measured precisely. The possibility of an overdose is extremely likely over time. Other street drugs have also been known to be contaminated with fentanyl, either to cut costs or by accident when preparing other drugs with the same equipment. In turn, drug users are using fentanyl without even knowing it.

Several hundred people have died from fentanyl overdoses in 2016 alone. The BC government has recognized this as a public emergency and has released a report about fentanyl causing numerous deaths. How do we protect the ones we love? The first step is to recognize the symptoms of fentanyl use.

Fentanyl Addiction Symptoms – Behavioral, Psychological and Physical

Fentanyl Addiction has several behavioural symptoms that develop over time. Be aware of these symptoms and know when to seek help:

  • Dilated pupils, nodding off, sleeping more
  • Frequent and lengthy washroom breaks with the water running
  • Withdrawing from friends and family, or hanging out with a new group of friends
  • Missing work more often or progressively poor job performance
  • Deteriorating appearance, including weight loss and dietary changes
  • Depressed or behaving out of character, exercising poor judgement
  • Avoiding dealing with normal life and events
  • Increased debt or unexplained missing money and belongings
  • Lying about where they were and who they were with
  • Itchy skin or new, unexplained sores
  • Outbursts of rage and violence or increased irritability

There are many other signs of fentanyl use and addiction. If you suspect someone you know or love has an addiction problem, or if you are suffering from addiction, contact us for help.

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