West Coast Wellness Centre for Women is the only private drug and alcohol treatment program on the west coast of Canada that offers Edmonton and Calgary drug and alcohol treatment for women only. In recovery, women have special needs and we have a program that accommodates those needs.

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Why choose us instead of an Edmonton and Calgary drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre?

Over 40% of our clientele come to us from Edmonton and Calgary for our drug and alcohol rehabilitation because of the uniqueness of our women’s only treatment centre. No women’s only Edmonton rehab or Calgary rehab services exist in Alberta.

Imagine what it may be like for a women experiencing drug and alcohol treatment for the first time in a group environment. She needs to feel safe. Safe enough to share her past traumas and pain. Now imagine that she is sitting in a circle of predominantly men, who she perceives as the root of her stress and trauma. What happens is she becomes introverted and in many cases feels unsafe and unable to share which put up a roadblock to her addiction recovery, but with a women’s only treatment centre, her defenses are lowered and she is more willing to share with the counsellors and the group.

Womens Recovery Group

We are a women’s only private drug and alcohol treatment centre that provides 45, 60 & 90 day residential treatment that you will not find in Edmonton rehab, Calgary rehab, outer-lying municipalities other Provinces. We are a very unique, specialized wellness centre for women recovering from substance abuse.

We deal specifically with self esteem including the 12 steps of self esteem and the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

By design, we never manage any more than nine clients at a time so that it is not overwhelming to the client along with providing the highest ratio of clinician to client and the most amount of daily one-on-one counselling hours you will find anywhere else in private drug and alcohol treatment centres.

At West Coast Wellness Centre for Women we treat the whole person, not just the addiction, with excellent aftercare set in place for when you return back to Edmonton and Calgary or any other city or province within Canada, for that matter.

We’re just as close as most drug and alcohol treatment Centres in Edmonton and Calgary.

If a co-ed experience in an Edmonton rehab or Calgary rehab just doesn’t feel right, we are just a two hour flight from Alberta and we will pick you up at the airport as we know that this time is stressful time for yourself and family. We would like to make this as calm as we can for you. Being from Alberta or other provinces, we will be giving you a vast list of resources and support that will be put in place for you before your departure home as you recovery and well being comes first for us and West Coast Wellness Drug and Alcohol treatment centre will always be here for you.