Addiction Treatment Resources for Women

Breaking an addiction is an excruciating, harrowing process. Changing a habit is not easy. However, never believe that you are fighting against the substance alone. In our modern times, there are more forms of drug and alcohol rehab options for women and people in more general than there have ever been before. Drug and alcohol rehab options for women fit into three categories: counselling, outpatient treatment, and inpatient treatment. These types of rehab vary in many ways, offering different approaches to pharmacological and psychological treatment. Take the time to identify the appropriate treatment strategy for you (or your loved one that needs drug rehab or alcohol rehab), and it could make the journey to healing far easier and more rapid. Most importantly – seek help, in whatever form. You do not need to struggle alone.

Counselling Options for Women

Counselling options for Women takes many forms. It is the precursor to Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options for Women. It can be as simple as seeing a registered counsellor and talking about your problems or it could require you to attend regular drug rehab or alcohol rehab meetings and complete tasks in between the meetings. It is unlikely that women or men solely engaging in counselling will be prescribed any pharmacological treatment for their addictions.

The majority of counselling, treatment strategies do, however, have a basis in one or more psychological treatment methodologies. This could be intentionally done (i.e. the drug rehab or alcohol rehab was set up with a particular psychological paradigm in mind in its inception) or it could unintentionally use strategies that are linked to one or more psychological treatment methodology (such as counselling set up at religious venues by those unaware of psychological practices).

If you feel that you just need some people to help you through your ordeal, but are unable or unwilling to get your loved ones involved, a counselling group might be the solution for you. There are hosts of drug rehab or alcohol rehab counselling groups out there for women, men, or of mixed gender. The Internet is a powerful tool, and at the West Coast Wellness Centre for Women, we will be able to provide you with more information regarding counselling options in your area.

Outpatient Treatment Options for Women

If you feel that counselling might not be enough for you to beat your demons, you may need outpatient drug rehab or alcohol rehab. This treatment could involve pharmacological treatments, psychological treatments, or a combination of both. Each person is unique, and no two women will have the same symptoms. Admitting yourself to a hospital and seeking outpatient care is often the first step in beating an addiction.

As its name suggests, outpatient treatment allows you to be out of the hospital, apart from during your scheduled meetings with your psychologist, doctor, or other medical health professional assigned to your drug rehab or alcohol rehab. In an outpatient program, you are allowed to go about your everyday life, only meeting with your rehab partners in assigned meeting times. You are not required to stay in the hospital for extended periods of time.

As they are conducted at medical establishments, outpatient programs will often involve taking some form of pharmacological treatment, particularly for women with more severe addictions. The injection of Vivitrol or Naltrexone has been shown to reduce cravings and addictive symptoms, and is often used in inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab strategies. Gabapentin can be used to reduce the cravings of women and men addicted to methamphetamines, crack, or cocaine.

Although it still requires more study to establish its effectiveness, Ibogaine has been used in extreme cases of heroin or opiate addiction. There are many pharmacological options that can aid drug rehab and alcohol rehab. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor whether these treatments are applicable to your case.

Engaging with a medical establishment allows one access to many different psychological approaches to drug rehab and alcohol rehab. The leading treatment methodology across different addictions is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This therapy puts forward the idea that women and men suffering from addiction are engaging in problematic thought patterns. The treatment provides homework that those seeking drug rehab and alcohol rehab must complete in their daily lives, to help monitor and modify the problematic thoughts in their daily life. Keeping track of what you think about during your everyday life will help you on your way to beating the substance.

If you feel that you need professional help but that you do not need an intensive program, consider outpatient therapy.

Inpatient Therapy Options for Women

Inpatient drug rehab and alcohol rehab options for women involves staying at a facility for an extended period of time. During this time, women and men suffering from addiction withdraw from their addictive substance and given pharmacological and psychological tools to beat their addiction, similar to those discussed in the outpatient section above.

However, drug rehab and alcohol rehab inpatient programs require confinement within the hospital or treatment center until the professionals assigned to your drug rehab or alcohol rehab are sufficiently satisfied that you will be able to rejoin society without succumbing to addiction once more, inpatient treatment is both more intensive and expensive than outpatient treatment or counselling. It is only appropriate for men and women suffering from the most severe and crippling addictions.

Do not be afraid to seek help. There are more Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options for Women out there. If you simply need someone or a group of people to lean on to help you through your journey, try counselling. If you need more structured psychological and pharmacological treatment, but are not suffering from a crippling or severe addiction that is ruining every aspect of your life, try going to your local hospital and asking about their outpatient treatment options.

Finally, if your life is unravelling and you need to be rid of your addiction at once, inpatient treatment is likely the best option for you. Drug rehab and alcohol rehab is not a black-and-white affair – you may drift between outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, and counselling before you regain true control. The most important step you can take is to seek help.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call the 24 hour helpline here: 1-800-801-8354

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