We’re a women’s treatment centre in Vancouver (GVA) and specialize in drug treatment. We have an important message to share and would like to draw your attention to the increasing number of women using heroin. This is especially dangerous because it is often laced with powerful man-made opiates like fentanyl and carfentanil. This can have deadly consequences.

Heroin is Highly Addictive and Can be Used in Many Ways – What Materials to Look for

On top of that, heroin is highly addictive. It is derived from a natural source; the Asian opium poppy. Once it has been harvested, prepared and sold it can be used in many ways.

If you are a parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or suspect someone you know is using heroin then you should familiarize yourself with paraphernalia and methods of use. There are several ways to use heroin in addition to our list below:

Smoking Heroin off of Tin Foil

Smoking Heroin off of Tin Foil

  • mixed with marijuana in a “joint”
  • smoked through a pipe
  • smoked off of a piece of tin foil (also known as “chasing the dragon”
  • snorted off of surfaces like a small mirror and through a straw or rolled up bill
  • eaten, though this is not the preferred way of use
  • injected through a hypodermic needle (“shooting up” with a “rig
  • once shooting up is ineffective due to damaged veins, a drug user may inject right into their skin (this is known as “skin popping”).

If someone is injecting heroin, note the following materials that are used in addition to the needle itself. 

Heroin Injection Kit

Heroin Injection Kit

  • small cotton ball
  • distilled water
  • citric acid
  • sanitary wipe
  • metal cooker (small “spoon like” metal, shallow “cup”)
  • rubber strip, belts (anything that can be used to “tie off”. Tying off encourages vein visibility)


How do People First Start Using Heroin?

When people first start using heroin, it is often smoked or snorted. After a while, many heroin addicts will start to inject in order to increase their euphoria. People turn to needles for the instant and intense high that they get from them. These feelings of intense euphoria do not last and over time more heroin needs to be injected in order to feel the effects.

Many people are constantly chasing the high that they had first felt when they started using. This causes tolerance to build up, which makes them become addicted to heroin. Another way of saying this is, they become dependent on it. Tolerance is the body’s response to needing to use more to get high. In addition to using more, this can lead to using more frequently.

Nobody is Invincible from Addiction – Even Using Heroin Just Once Can Lead to a Substance Abuse Problem

What must be understood is that drug addiction is a disease. It can happen to anyone. Addiction does not discriminate between male, female, age or social status. It is a disease and it requires treatment. Even trying heroin just once can lead to a substance abuse problem.

It is Easy to Become Addicted to Drugs But it is Hard to Stop

Addiction Help for Women at West Coast Wellness Centre for Women

Addiction Help for Women at West Coast Wellness Centre for Women

It is easy for people to become addicted to drugs, but it is difficult for them to stop using. Not only is heroin withdrawal extremely painful, it can be life threatening.

Withdrawal is also very emotional. For these two reasons, a treatment facility like West Coast Wellness Centre for Women is integral to recovery. We can help. There is hope. Give us a call at 1-800-801-8354 to speak to someone about treatment.



Addiction Programs Help People With the Underlying Issues that Lead them to Use Drugs

Addiction programs provide a way for people to regain control of their lives and reconnect with their loved ones. Knowing why a person turned to drugs is integral for them being able to stop. Finding the underlying causes of addiction can be painful, and counselling is required.

Detox, Recovery, Working the Program and Relapse Prevention

Once someone detoxes, enters into recovery, works through their issues and completes a rehab program they need a plan in place so that the positive changes they have made will last. There are many things that people can do in order to avoid falling into the same traps and relapsing. Building a strong support network and developing a protocol for “stinkin’ thinkin'” is one of the ways that someone can stay clean and sober for life. Relapse prevention plans are key to maintaining a drug free life.

Beginning Recovery at a Women’s Treatment Centre in Vancouver

Hope at Women's Recovery Centre in Maple Ridge (Greater Vancouver Area)

Hope at Women’s Recovery Centre in Maple Ridge (Greater Vancouver Area)

We are a women’s treatment centre in Vancouver and specialize in helping women recover from the harmful effects of heroin addiction, other drugs and alcohol. At West Coast Wellness Centre for Women, we provide a safe place for addicts to recover. Our experienced staff, counsellors, wellness coach and medical professionals help each and every woman who walks through our doors. We understand the pain addiction brings and have 24 / 7 support for our clients.



West Coast Wellness Centre for Women Addiction Rehab Services

Our women’s treatment centre in Vancouver refers to the Greater Vancouver Area, though we are precisely located in Maple Ridge. We offer the following addiction rehab services:

  • Personalized Treatment Plans including wellness and self-esteem
  • Group and Family Support
  • One on One Support
  • Transitional Planning
  • Aftercare / Relapse Prevention

Personalized Treatment Plans:

Every woman has different needs so we tailor plans specifically for each woman that we are caring for, to ensure the best chance of success. We take the time that is needed to get to know each woman so that we can develop a personalized treatment plan.

Group and Family Therapy Sessions:

Group Counselling for Addiction - Women's recovery & Healing

Group Counselling for Addiction – Women’s Recovery & Healing

Women receive group therapy and one-on-one therapy. We practice the 12-step model. During 12 step meetings, women can share and learn from one another in a warm environment which is key to recovery.

Every woman that experiences our group therapy sessions feels better about themselves as their self-esteem improves. They women also bond with each other, which enhances the recovery process even further.



We also offer family therapy because these relationships often contribute to – and suffer from – a member’s substance abuse. This helps to build self-esteem when engaging with peers and also helps to nurture family foundations.

Individualized Therapy:

The psychological portion of drug addiction is addressed at a deeper level in one on one sessions, compared to group and family sessions. Our one on one sessions are aimed at uncovering emotional reasons that lead to substance abuse. Women may open up more and tackle very personal issues in one on one sessions, which they may not feed comfortable sharing in the group or family sessions.

Transitional Planning:

Transitional planning allows women to collaborate with addiction specialists in anticipating – and proactively finding solutions for – potential temptations for drug use after treatment. We examine what each woman’s life may be like before she leaves our centre so that we can create an aftercare plan for continued sobriety.

Aftercare Services:

Relapse Prevention - Rehab Aftercare

Relapse Prevention – Rehab Aftercare

To ensure that each woman is supported following care, best practices in the drug rehabilitation treatment field include aftercare services. These services are aimed at following up with each woman to see what challenges she is facing and to help her build a support network.

Without a support network, there is always a danger of relapse. Treatment will get someone clean, so it is important that each woman in recovery continues to work hard for sobriety.


Reserve a Bed for Yourself or Someone You Know or Love at Our Women’s Treatment Centre in Vancouver

Get Back on Track at Our Women's Recovery Centre in Maple Ridge (GVA)

Get Back on Track at Our Women’s Recovery Centre in Maple Ridge (GVA)

We have a high success rate due to our carefully and intelligently designed program, experienced staff and the warm environment we create.

We are more than a treatment centre. We genuinely care about each woman that stays at our residence. When we say “We will love you until you can love yourself” we really mean it and will be with each woman every step of the way.

Recovery is beautiful and everyone deserves a second chance. If you, someone you love or someone you know is suffering from heroin addiction, contact us for help. You can reach our women’s treatment centre in Vancouver at 1-800-801-8354.