U.S. Patients Save Money on Canadian Drug Rehab Services

Canadian drug rehab services provide an exceptional alternative for U.S. patients seeking residential drug and alcohol treatment programs, for a fraction of the expense a U.S. patient would pay in the U.S.

Due to the weakness of the Canadian Dollar, there is an opportunity for drug rehab patients from the U.S. that require world-class addiction treatment services to gain access to quality addiction programs and save money.

For instance the average cost of a 90 day stay, at a private residential drug rehab program, in the U.S. will run residents around $30,000 USD. Based on current exchange rates, that would provide access to the same level, if not better level, in some cases, of addiction rehab care for $23,000. That’s $7,000 in savings from seeking drug rehab in Canada versus seeking care in the U.S.

For most families struggling with addiction, finding the best drug rehab centers is one things, affording the best drug rehab center is another thing altogether.

Based on our research, the drug rehab success rate in Canada is marginally higher in most Provinces versus success rates found State by State.

We still suggest and recommend the same level of research you would conduct in the U.S. Use Google to find the best drug rehab centers in Canada. At this point short list at least, 3 options for you to consider. Keep in mind, if you are interested in co-ed versus no co-ed to short list accordingly.

The Canadian drug rehab landscape has options for both co-ed drug rehab and non co-ed drug rehab. So if you are seeking addiction treatment for women’s only drug rehab, then search; best drug rehab centers for women in Canada and the same goes for men.

All of the same addiction services are provided in Canada. Medical detox, 12 step programs, non-12 step programs, Integrative addiction medicine, CBT, along with length of stay. The average length of stay at a Canadian drug rehab center, runs between 60 and 90 days.

Many U.S. residents have the illusion that the climate in Canada is much colder, and who would want to do addiction treatment by an igloo when they can do it pool side in Santa Monica. This is not true.

Although many eastern Provinces are much colder, the Western Province of British Columbia, the main city being Vancouver, is quite warm, and matches climates of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. So we suggest seeking drug rehab programs in B.C.

Drug rehabilitation is not easy, it can be a mental and emotional struggle. At least, if you consider drug rehab options in Canada, the struggle on the wallet won’t be as much of a challenge.

If you are considering drug rehab in the U.S. and you are faced with a bill of say; $50,000.00 if you consider drug rehab options in Canada, the bill would be $38,5000.00 – That’s $11,500 U.S. in savings, just for choosing a Canadian drug rehab center over a U.S. drug rehab center.

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