I love the comfortable, loving atmosphere in West Coast Wellness Centre. With a limit on the number of guests they take in at a time, I was able to receive the individual, personal attention I needed. Counsellors were caring yet possessed the sternness and honesty I required to take a deep look at myself.
My experience at West Coast Wellness will always stand out as a pivotable changing point in my life. My life had become unmanageable as alcohol consumed my being. I was lost and was open to accept the help the staff at W.C.W.C. were so willing to give. It was extremely clear that they have a passion for what they do and the knowledge and experience to guide me on the road to recovery.
I love you West Coast Wellness Centre for Women. You gave me my life back. And my smile, something I had lost for many years. Thank you!
Sarah H
Thank you, West Coast Wellness . You gave me the skills to live life without drugs and alcohol, and for that I’m forever grateful.
Sandra L
West Coast Wellness changed my life. Before I came there my life was a mess. Now I know how to cope again and love myself – thank you ladies of West Coast Wellness .
Kelly R
West Coast Wellness helped me come alive and gave me the skills and confidence to truly live life to its full potential.
Jodi J
Today I feel strong in my sobriety. I like and value myself more. I have new and more efficient ways of coping with life. They made sure that I was set up with a good aftercare program and I know that they’ll always be there if I need additional support. I am so very grateful for my life today. It is so different from what my life was like and I have W.I.T.H to thank!!
Tara A
I lived in a nice house, had a good job and thought I had it all. But there was a sense of emptiness inside of me, which only alcohol could fill. My last days of drinking were dark and suicidal, alcohol was my best friend, my lover my saviour… West Coast Wellness gave me some incredible tools to turn my life into something I honestly did not think was possible… I felt supported, encouraged and safe. I will always be eternally grateful to the ladies of Women Into Healing, for giving me a new life.
Maggie T
West Coast Wellness saved my life. I was a suicidal, depressed addict who hated herself. In an atmosphere of safety, comfort and love, I learned the tools I needed to look at myself in the mirror with a smile – and without shame and guilt. My life today is honest, clean and joyous… the real core of this centre is the people – I was surrounded by a love and care that nourished my soul, and the love and care hasn’t ended just because my 42 days have.
Theresa T
I came to West Coast Wellness not wanting to be there due to a much needed family intervention and it completely changed my life. I was on the verge of losing everything including my son, The counsellors there helped me to get my life back and be true to myself something I have never done before. Its true they do not sugar coat things but they do follow it up with a lot of love. Thank you women into healing. I thank you, my family thanks you and most important my son thanks you.
Cindy H.
West Coast Wellness does Love You Until You can Love Yourself and then some. I was not sure treatment would help me as I had been 3 times before but definitely not like a program like this. The counsellors and other staff are there for you 24/7. It’s so nice to look in the mirror and like what I see today . I will be forever grateful for the gift you have given me….Myself
Sandra D.
West Coast Wellness has changed my life, I found my authentic self. I now have clarity and faith in myself. I’ve learned who I really am, my goals and vision of self and my future. Importantly how to keep things simple. The staff are brilliant, knowledgeable and they truly understand addiction problems and how to overcome them. They speak by experience and you can’t help but feel honored to be around such strong and committed women and what they bring to the program and to the individual. They truly love you until you’re able to love yourself. The environment is safe which was a priority for me as well as the low number of clients they allow. This provides the counsellors intimate knowledge of my specific issues and how best to deal with them. They truly care about the mind, body and soul.
Jasmine B. K.