Addiction Treatment Centre Staff

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Norma Pettersson
Norma PetterssonExecutive Director
At West Coast Wellness Centre for Women, Norma Jean recognizes that healing starts with self esteem. She believes that addiction is not the problem but what came before the addiction and that treating the whole person, not just the disease, is imperative. This is followed with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous for discovery of self and maintenance.Norma Jean has been working in the field of addictions for many years. She is particularly skilled in empathically connecting with others and walking with them as they discover their journey of recovery. She has worked in all areas of addiction from detox, employee and family assistance programs as well as family counselling, group therapy, one-on-one counselling and aftercare programs. While her skills cover the entire continuum of care, her greatest strength is her personal experience of working and living the twelve steps. Norma Jean’s professional experience gives her a solid understanding of the affects of addiction on the individual, the family, and the community and her personal experience gives her the compassion and understanding to allow people to grow and discover themselves in the healing process. She has built and dedicated herself to West Coast Wellness Centre for Women, her addiction treatment centre staff, and helping each client discover their true self worth with the motto that stands true,”We will love you until you can love yourself.”
Dr. Paul G. Becket
Dr. Paul G. BecketMedical Doctor
Donna Tack
Donna TackGeneral Manager
Donna brings her extensive experience in office management and administration to our team at West Coast Wellness Centre. Donna is committed to keeping the team running smoothly and ensuring all aspects of the day to day business of running a busy treatment facility are taken care of. In addition to her office management skills, Donna also brings the experience of her own journey through recovery and healing to the women at the Centre. Donna possesses a kind and warm spirit and is passionate about helping other women find the peace and serenity she has achieved through her own experience in recovery. She is dedicated to walking the journey of recovery with the women that are brought into her life and helping them live One Day at a Time.
Cory Wint, M.A., I.C.A.D.C.
Cory Wint, M.A., I.C.A.D.C.Advisory Board
Cory is the Department Head of our distinguished Advisory Board, which oversees Licensing, Community Outreach, and Expansion. He is the Chief Executive Officer at HeartQuest Addictions and has worked in a variety of disciplines within the Social Services and Human Development field. With a degree in Human and Social Development, and as the holder of International Drug and Alcohol Certification (ICADC), Cory has clinical experience in dealing with complex problematic substance use and the ancillary issues that often accompany addiction. Further, Cory is a certified Substance Abuse Professional as defined by the United States Department of Transportation. He provides deep insight into regulations and licensing of our facilities and manages the clinical operations of our after-care program, for when our clients complete and re-integrate back into society.
NadineAddiction Care-Worker
Through Nadine’s own experience with addiction, she has found her passion; to support and empower women. Nadine brings a lot of energy to West Coast Wellness Centre, is very compassionate, and will find the positive in any situation. She believes the foundation to a solid recovery is positive self-esteem and self-worth. Nadine cherishes each relationship she builds with every woman that comes to our center.
Kim Pechet
Kim Pechet Yoga Master
Kim was first introduced to yoga over 40 years ago. As a teenager, Kim would practice yoga with her mother who was an avid yogini. During her early adult years, she studied with a variety of yoga instructors throughout the Lower Mainland. In the mid 90’s, Kim studied with the founder of Power Yoga, Beryl Bender Birch and followed the path into teaching. As a teacher, Kim became involved in the early meetings and formation of what is now known as Yoga BC. For over 12 years Kim taught Power Yoga in Vancouver in a variety of private clubs, yoga studios and community centres. She held weekly classes in her private studio, Sanctuary, until moving to Maple Ridge in 2007. Kim now teaches Hatha Flow, Yoga Basics and Restorative Yoga. As a meditation instructor, Kim’s style of Yoga is classic, relying on breath, fluidity, curiosity and mindfulness.
Karen Yurkovic
Karen YurkovicAddiction Therapist
Karen has been helping and serving women in treatment for the last 11 years. She has her Counsellor Diploma Certificate from Vancouver Community College. Karen brings with her the knowledge and hands on experience of supporting women through their journey and moving forward with their lives. Karen has an empathic and compassionate approach that embraces and motivates women to find a new way to live and to regain their lives with their loved ones and to find and embrace a new sense of self. Karen utilizes the Bio Social model to heal the whole person and to educate clients with finding balance in their lives. Her calm demeanor and sense of humour bode well in gaining the trust of those who seek to find a way out of a life of substance abuse and pain into a fulfilling and rewarding life.
Natassia Jahura
Natassia JahuraSupport Care-Worker
Through Natassia’s own journey in recovery, she has found her purpose in carrying the message that saved her life. Natassia has a warm, loving and up beat spirit that she brings to the Centre. She shares her passion for recovery with the women in hopes that they find their own hope. Natassia is dedicated to supporting each and every woman that walks through the doors of West Coast Wellness Centre for Women. She believes that by helping build our client’s self esteem and helping them stay on track and complete their work, they have a second chance at life