First let me introduce our organization. Drug Rehab Services is a no-cost organization which coaches and helps families to deal with people with an addiction to alcohol, drugs and prescribed medication. We also refer people to treatment facilities all over Canada and are now expanding in the United States. Our website can be found at Drug Rehab Services. We also have the largest database for people to find AA meeting, outpatient rehabs, drug test labs, etc.

The Rehab Programs for Women Situation in British Columbia

After working for 15 years in the field of addiction treatment programs in Canada, I noticed that British Columbia was unique as far as treatment for men and women. If you take the main provinces in Canada, you can observe a large difference between programs for men or women compared to the treatments found in BC.

In Alberta, women can access over 80% of the residential programs available within the province for both private and government subsidized. Quebec and the other provinces have a similar percentage of accessibility for women in the different programs for their addiction.

In Ontario, women can access over 70% of the programs available in both private and government-funded treatments.

In British Columbia, only 50% of the inpatient drugs and alcohol programs are available to women. We tried to look for a reason and could not find one.

Our experience with West Coast Wellness Centre for Women

Women have different needs than men in life, this definitely also applies to treatment. In the last few years, we have been referring people to West Coast Wellness Centre for Women, and we have had very good comments from families and addicts who enrolled in the program. It is designed for women, and that makes a difference in the end.

The goal of the treatment is for the individual to get her life back and being to live a normal life without drugs or alcohol. W.C. Wellness Centre for Women is a recommended facility to achieve this goal!

Marcel Gemme
Drug Rehab Services