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Drug and Alcohol Rehab BC Location – Vancouver Women’s Centre

Deciding on the right rehabilitation centre location can be just as important as selecting the right drug rehab to meet your, your client or your loved one’s needs.

Our rehab Vancouver location was carefully and strategically selected 9 years ago, to find a balance between a rural getaway and close enough proximity to local communities for reintegration, 2nd stage, or sober living. There are plenty of drug and alcohol rehab bc locations to choose from but West Coast Wellness Centre for Women is the only private rehabilitation centre focusing solely on the recovery of women.

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Our Rehab Vancouver Location

Our rehab Vancouver location is 48 kilometers from downtown Vancouver, which is approximately a 45 minute car ride. If you fly into Abbotsford Airport, YXX, it is 38 kilometers from the airport and approximately a 35 minute flight.

Maple Ridge is a city covering an area of 33,000 acres. Maple Ridge is British Columbia’s fifth-oldest municipality after New Westminster,Victoria, Langley, and Chilliwack.

Maple Ridge is a city in British Columbia covering an area of 33,000 acres. Maple Ridge is located in the north-eastern most area of Metro Vancouver between Fraser River and Golden ears, a group of mountains. Maple Ridge’s population is 76,052. The downtown core is called Haney.

Women’s Only Rehab Vancouver

Find the right drug rehab isn’t easy. Finding the right rehabilitation centre destination isn’t easy. It can make the difference between a long, healthy, sober life and relapse.

We are strict believers in offering discreet non co-ed services for our rehab Vancouver location.

Women have special needs, as do men, but in many cases the direct source of a women’s pain stems from abusive, painful relationships, and when a women is integrated into a recovery group with their perceived source of pain, it can take much longer for a women to feel safe to open up and unless a client open up, it prolongs their recovery and in many cases prevents recovery from happening, at all.

Services & Practitioners Offered

We offer Registered Clinical Counsellors, Addiction Counsellors, Addiction Support Workers, Doctor Visits, In House Registered Nurse, a Certified Yoga Instructor and Registered Massage Therapist to serve your needs.

How to make a Decision

There are some thing to consider before selecting a rehabilitation centre and making a decision. We have put together some questions you should be asking yourself before you pick up the phone and call our rehab Vancouver or any drug rehab for that matter.

You may be searching online for a rehabilitation centre for yourself, a client, or a loved one. So to make it easy, we will simply frame these questions as ‘the client.’

We ask that you have the answers to these questions before you call our Admissions at the rehab Vancouver location.

6 Questions to ask?

  1. Is the client a flight risk?
  2. Does the client have any abusive relationships locally?
  3. Is the client being pursued locally by drug dealers?
  4. Does the client have a current sober support group locally?
  5. Would a fresh start in a new location benefit the client?
  6. Is the client, at risk, if they return home?


Although finding a list of rehab centers in bc online is easy, take your time, do your research and ask your questions. Knowing precisely what fit may be the most appropriate before you start calling drug rehab locations is some of the best advice we can give.

If you feel a safe, non co-ed, women’s only rehab Vancouver location would be the best fit, our Admissions department would love to discuss our day to day drug and alcohol rehab program in detail with you.

Call Admissions Toll Free: 1-800-801-8354