My Wife Used Crack Cocaine. Does She Need a Detox Center?

Just because your wife used crack cocaine doesn’t mean she needs a detox center. However it does mean that she should seek out counselling or even enter a drug and alcohol treatment center, if the usage, frequency, and behaviour warrant it.

Many families who are first faced with their loved using any substance, including crack cocaine, think that a person needs to go to a detox center before the drug and alcohol treatment centre.

A Detox center is only necessary for substances that create physiological sickness, when the person stops using the drug.

>h3>Drugs that DO require a Detox Center, are as follows

1. Benzodiazapines. Like Valium or Ativan.
2. Alcohol.
3. Opiates. Any painkiller. Like heroin. Oxycontin. Fentanyl.
4. Mental Health Medications. Any mental health medication that has been used for more than 3 months, including anti-depressants, should be detox or taper supervised by a Medical Doctor.

The reason this list does require a detox center before the drug and alcohol treatment centre is when a substance abuser stops usings these drugs, there is a serious, negative physical and mental health reaction. The body reacts with a sickness, what we call withdrawal symtoms. Withdrawal sympotns vary in this list above, but to give you a general idea of withdrawal symptoms, here are some to consider. Keep in mind, many of these symptoms are or can be life threatening.

10 Withdrawal Symptoms You Will Find at a Detox Center

1. Flu like aches.
2. Vomiting
3. Diarrhea
4. Insomnia
5. Suicidal Ideation
6. Body Trembling. DT’s
7. Dehydration
8. Loss of Appetite.
9. Confusion
10. Irritability

With Crack Cocaine, the reason she does not need a detox center, is the withdrawal symptoms for crack cocaine are very different. Crack cocaine is a stimulant that works on the Dopamine receptors the brain. So when you discontinue this drug, the body isn’t necessarily so dependant that it will get sick and the symptoms are rarely life threatening.

Crack Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Crack cocaine is still very powerful, extremely addictive but it works more on a emotional, psychological pathway than it does on a physical one.

Just because crack cocaine does not require a detox center before attending counselling or a drug rehab center, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned. Be very concerned.

If your wife used crack cocaine for the first time, if if your wife used crack cocaine for years, the effects, financially, mentally, emotionally and relationally can be devastating.

I highly recommend considering a drug and alcohol treatment center and if your loved one is doing more than crack cocaine and using substances from the detox list provided, please consider searching drug detox centers near me; or just click the link provided.

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