Frequently Asked Questions about West Coast Wellness for Women Alcohol Treatment and Drug Treatment Center

Can I receive phone calls or visits from family?
Not for the first 30 DAYS as we believe you and your family need this break from each other and gives you the time to concentrate solely on you and your alcohol, drug or substance abuse recovery.

Why is your program not 30 days?

We know that 30 days is not possible for you to learn about your disease and get the proper help and skills you need to cope without the use of drugs and alcohol .

What should I bring with me? What should I not bring?
Please refer to the What to Bring list on our Admissions page.

Are you vegetarian friendly?
West Coast Wellness for Women has a very healthy menu, however we realize that some of our clients will be vegetarian so we are vegetarian and vegan friendly as well.

Can I receive mail?
Yes, we encourage writing.

Can I smoke cigarettes?
Yes there is a outside covered area – however you must bring sealed packages of cigarettes when you arrive.

What are the laundry facilities?

They are not coin operated. All soap and fabric softener is provided

Do you have a gym?

Yes we have a full scale gym in the lower level equiped with everything you need for an awsome workout.

Do I have to do chores?
Yes. Part of living in a residential treatment environment is the regular assignment of various duties (chores). These provide skill development to clients and create a sense of responsibility and belonging to the group.

What are the wait times to get in?
Wait times at West Coast Wellness for Women can vary from 2-3 days up to 2-3 weeks depending on departures of clients already in our alcohol, drug and substance abuse treatment program. Please contact our admissions dept. to find out more.

Do clients have access to a Doctor?
A Physician is available for appointments and advice 2 times per week. All clients are required to see a physician before coming to West Coast Wellness for Women as part of our program to make sure you are physically able to commit to the alcohol, drug and substance abuse treatment process.

What is the policy regarding prescription and over the counter drugs? Can I take my prescribed medication while in treatment?
All prescription and non-prescription medications are cleared through the Director. No narcotic medication or benzos will be allowed. All medications are distributed by trained staff. Any medications brought in by clients must be given to staff immediately upon arrival at the alcohol treatment centre. Clients are responsible covering the cost for any of any medications.

All prescription medications must be declared during our telephone interview process . Your medications will be stored and locked and is accessible only under supervision of the clinical staff. No prescription or over-the-counter medications, or herbal remedies are permitted to be in your possession while in treatment. medication.

Can I have visitors?
Yes, after the first 30 days, and as long as step 4/5 is completed

We are located in the Greater Vancouver, specifically in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Is my $2,000 dollar deposit refundable?

No . Your deposit is our assurance that you will arrive for alcohol, drug and substance abuse treatment as we are holding a bed for you. If you do not show up it is a bed that another client in need could have had.