Cocaine addiction is very tough to break, but there is hope. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that causes feelings of euphoria for a short period of time in its users. The short-lived high, followed by depression and agitation creates a craving for more of this drug.

As a stimulant it affects appetite and sleep and is damaging to the body. It can be lethal even with only one use. With the addition of powerful adulterants cocaine use has never been more dangerous than it is now. There are a variety of large health implications including organ damage, risk of fatal cardiac events, high blood pressure and others.

Cocaine Addiction Symptoms – Behavioral, Psychological and Physical

Cocaine Addiction has several behavioral symptoms that develop over time. Be aware of these symptoms and seek help if you or someone you care about becomes addicted. Sometimes just one use is enough.

  • Regularly use cocaine
  • Cocaine use has affected employment or friends and family negatively
  • Constantly thinking about taking cocaine
  • Feelings of hopelessness or depression when the high wears off– an inability to deal with normal life and events
  • Using more of the drug and more often, or in higher dosages
  • Difficulty stopping use even after realizing negative impact on life and those around them
  • Increased debt or unexplained missing money and belongings
  • Seeing drug paraphernalia such as baggies, pipes, tin foil, cookers, syringes, etc

Dealing With Drug Addiction is Difficult for Everyone, Not Just the Person Who is Addicted

Dealing with drug addiction is very difficult, not just for the addict, but for those around the addict. There are many behaviours associated with drug addiction such as mood swings and paranoia which can turn a calm environment into a chaotic one very quickly. Quite often, belongings and money are taken without consent and the addict may manipulate or lie in order to be able to support their habit. There is also the emotional pain that goes along with addiction. It is felt on both sides. Addicts may feel ashamed and those around them, especially loved ones may feel great sorrow and feel powerless and unable to help.

Reach out for Support – Contact Us for Help With Cocaine Addiction or Help With Another Substance

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