Fentanyl Overdose Treatment – Overdose Kit, Emergency Medical Technician Intervention, Hospitalization and Recovery

Fentanyl overdose treatment begins as soon as medical help arrives. Sometimes you may be asked to administer an overdose kit when you call 911 (if you have one), but most times paramedics will intervene and do this as soon as they arrive. The antidote for opiates, which fentnayl is a part of, is usually NARCAN. It [...]

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Fentanyl Rehabilitation – Uses, Forms, Treatment, Detox, Withdrawal, Addiction Roots, Recovery and Where to Get Help

Fentanyl rehabilitation centres (or addiction treatment centres) are an effective way to stop using drugs. Drug rehab facilities usually require the substance addicted person to successfully complete a detox program before they will be accepted into treatment. Sometimes a drug intervention is needed first. Drug and alcohol treatment centres have their own unique programs which are [...]

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Fentanyl Overdose Treatment Preparation: Call 911 and Grab an Overdose Kit

Fentanyl overdose treatment preparation is an important step in handing an overdose. 911 should be called immediately and if you have an overdose kit, you should have it ready. Stay calm and listen to the operator's instructions. From the minute you call 911 about an overdose, help is being sent to your location. The reason [...]

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Fentanyl Addiction – Symptoms, Risks and How to Get Help

Fentanyl addiction is very tough to break, but there is hope. Fentanyl is a powerful opiate that causes feelings of euphoria for a short period of time in its users. The short-lived high, followed by depression and agitation creates a craving for more. There are many serious risks of using fentanyl, including death. Fentanyl Overdoses [...]

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Fentanyl Withdrawl Symptoms, Detox and Treatment

Fentanyl withdrawl symptoms can vary from person to person, but increase in severity as tolerance is built up over time. When someone is using a harmful drug like fentanyl recreationally, there is a high probability they will become addicted. The real problem with fentanyl is that many people who use it, don't really know they [...]

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Fentanyl Overdose Symptoms – Table of What to Watch for, How to Get Help and Treat Addiction

Fentanyl overdose symptoms are important to recognize immediately. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid drug 20-50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times more potent than heroin. Only a very small amount of fentanyl is enough to kill an average adult which makes overdosing very easy. Overdosing on fentanyl is potentially fatal and is a medical emergency. Signs and [...]

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Fentanyl Drug Abuse – Addiction Signs, Accidental Overdose and Where to Get Help

Fentanyl drug abuse and addiction is becoming more and more common. It is cheaper than heroin and is laced, cut into or used as a filler with other drugs. It is also accidentally mixed by suppliers who use the same equipment for other drugs. Fentanyl is very dangerous because it is a synthetic opioid drug [...]

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Fentanyl Rehab – Why is Rehab Necessary, How Does it Work and Where to Get Help?

Fentanyl rehab is available through our addictions centre for women. We are located in Maple Ridge, BC and have been helping women recover from drug addiction for many years. If you or someone you know needs help and isn't sure how drug and alcohol programs work, we will: go over why rehab is necessary explain [...]

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