Rehab Centers Red Deer Alberta

Red Deer Addiction, Rehab Centers, & Treatment Resources This article covers addiction and rehab centers Red Deer Alberta. Topics covered include regional information, addiction statistics, rehab centers and rehab treatment resources in Red Deer. Red Deer is a city in central Alberta, situated almost halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, within the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor and is [...]

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Is Opiate Withdrawal Harder for Women?

Making Sense of Opiate Withdrawal & Recovery for Women This may seem like an odd question. Surely recovering from a opiate addiction is equal to either men or women? Well, apparently not, as the following research shows, not only are women slightly more susceptible to drug addiction in the first place, but opiate withdrawal is [...]

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Addicted Women in the Oil Fields of Alberta

The Overlooked Addicted Women of Alberta It’s long been recognized that alcohol and drug addiction amongst the workers of the Alberta oil fields, according to documented statistics, is a serious problem. However, most of the published documents and statistics refer to the male workers and largely ignore the specific problem of addicted women. The Alberta [...]

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Is Cocaine Addiction Still a Thing for Women?

The Definitive Guide About Cocaine Addiction & Women According to multiple reports and studies, it seems that women are more prone to cocaine addiction than men, with some sources reporting increases in addiction amongst women still rising due to women apparently having a high susceptibility to cocaine addiction. The National Institute of Drug Abuse has [...]

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Women in Recovery from Addiction

Women in Recovery from Addiction While addiction is a huge problem for millions of people across the nation, certain populations have specialized needs that aren't always properly addressed. Women are one of these underrepresented groups when it comes to recovery. For example, according to the UN World Drug Report 2015, only 20 percent of people [...]

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My Mom was a Drug Addict, Until I Told Her This…

My Mom was a Drug Addict | Until I Told Her This… How I Helped My Mom Beat Her Prescription Drug Addiction I was 23 years old, I had just finished a degree program in University, I had my whole future ahead of me and my Mom was a drug addict. It wasn’t always like [...]

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How do Opiates and Methamphetamines affect Women?

The Most Addictive Drugs Women Should Avoid. One might expect that the most addictive drugs would be gender equal across the board. One could easily conclude that if they are the most addictive drugs in men that they would be the most addictive drugs in women. Removing non-narcotic, highly addictive drugs like caffeine and nicotine [...]

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The Definitive Guide to Drug Rehab Alberta

The Definitive Guide to Drug Rehab Alberta Alberta: Oil, Money, Addiction & Drug Rehab We could easily begin this definitive guide to drug rehab Alberta article as a rant on Alberta oil felids becoming the wild west of young men, young money, cocaine, Fentanyl and booze fuelled lives, which leads to addiction, destructive paths and [...]

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The Blunt and Brutal Honest Truth about Drug Rehab Centers

The War on Recovery “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name.” - Lao-Tzu I don’t believe 2,500 years ago when Chinese master Lao Tzu wrote this verse that he could predict that someone called a blogger, from the future, would [...]

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5 Ways to Know if You’re Selecting the Wrong Drug Rehab Program

5 Ways to Know if You’re Selecting the Wrong Drug Rehab Program For many years, the constant complaint in finding a drug rehab program, was the lack of drug rehab programs. Today, drug addiction has become a part of modern life. Drug addiction, once taboo, reserved for back alleys and seedy corners of the word [...]

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