Cocaine Rehab – Women’s Recovery House Vancouver (GVA)

Cocaine rehab for women is available at our recovery house in Vancouver (GVA). Rehabilitation programs like ours offer people suffering from cocaine addiction a second chance. These programs provide a way for people to regain control of their life and reconnect with their loved ones. For some, rehab is the only way to get off [...]

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Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms – Addiction, Tolerance, Withdrawal & Recovery

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms are really unpleasant and if someone wants to get clean, entering into a treatment centre is often necessary. Cocaine is a harmful drug that people typically abuse recreationally before becoming addicted. While it is more often abused by men, it has wrecked havoc in the lives of women as well. It has [...]

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Cocaine Addiction Help – Learn About Drug Abuse Symptoms and Behavioral Changes

Cocaine addiction help is available at our residential treatment centre for women. We are in the Greater Vancouver Area and help women recover from the harmful affects of addiction. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to cocaine, contact us at 1-800-801-8354. What is Cocaine and How Do You Become Addicted to This [...]

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Cocaine Addiction – Symptoms, Risks and How to Get Help

Cocaine addiction is very tough to break, but there is hope. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that causes feelings of euphoria for a short period of time in its users. The short-lived high, followed by depression and agitation creates a craving for more of this drug. As a stimulant it affects appetite and sleep and [...]

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My Wife Used Crack Cocaine. Does She Need Detox?

My Wife Used Crack Cocaine. Does She Need a Detox Center? Just because your wife used crack cocaine doesn’t mean she needs a detox center. However it does mean that she should seek out counselling or even enter a drug and alcohol treatment center, if the usage, frequency, and behaviour warrant it. Many families who [...]

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U.S. Patients Save Money on Canadian Drug Rehab Services

U.S. Patients Save Money on Canadian Drug Rehab Services Canadian drug rehab services provide an exceptional alternative for U.S. patients seeking residential drug and alcohol treatment programs, for a fraction of the expense a U.S. patient would pay in the U.S. Due to the weakness of the Canadian Dollar, there is an opportunity for drug [...]

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Drug Rehab and Recovery

Drug Rehab and Recovery. There is help, there is hope, and there is a way to recover. In the beginning, there was light but what precedes light, is darkness. Point being, everything has a beginning. Drug rehab and recovery may seem like the beginning but the true beginning is mixed in a cauldron of hopelessness, [...]

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Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Right

Who's Right & Wrong About Addiction Recovery There seems to be this trend of late. A trend to categorize or put a new stamp on what addiction is or how addiction should be treated. The recent stamps - A Ted talk; Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong and a recent Vice article; [...]

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Modernizing Women’s Treatment Centers in Canada

Modernizing Women’s Treatment Centers in Canada Before we discuss modernizing treatment centers for women in Canada, we must first understand the state of addiction for women. State of Addiction for Women Substance abuse and trauma for women is a relevant and pressing issue facing society as a whole. As the problem continues to grow the [...]

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Endorphins: The New Addiction

How to Spot an Unhealthy Exercise Addiction What are endorphins? It's very common for most addicts early in recovery to replace their substance abuse addiction with intense exercise. Although we whole heartedly support a rigorous exercise routine to increase blood flow, improve muscle mass, and improve overall cardiovascular health, we encourage anyone new to exercise, [...]

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