Calgary Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre

When it comes to a drug and alcohol abuse treatment centre, location means very little. It’s the quality of the service that counts, and the best option for women in Calgary who need help is Maple Ridge, British Columbia’s West Coast Wellness Centre for Women.

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Calgary drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation centre exclusively for women

West Coast Wellness Centre for Women is one of the few private substance abuse treatment centres in Canada designed exclusively for women. Its focus isn’t so much on dealing with the addiction – although that’s certainly important – as it is on dealing with the factors that led up to the addiction in the first place. Nobody becomes an addict by accident, there are always circumstances leading up to addiction, and these factors need to be explored and dealt with before the cycle of addiction can be broken.

Unlike most substance abuse treatment programs in Canada, which provide 30 days or less of counseling and assistance, the West Coast Wellness Centre for Women program runs a full 60 or 90 days depending on the individual client’s needs.

Every journey away from substance abuse is unique

Our staff realizes every woman’s path to recovery is unique, so our program is tailored to suit individual needs. In addition to group therapy, lectures, individual counselling, and self-assessments that incorporate the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps to Self-Esteem, we use a holistic healing approach which also includes many services that appeal to women, such as yoga and massage.

The West Coast Wellness Centre for Women is a small, intimate facility where women are given the privacy and help they need to rediscover themselves, and to begin recovering in mind, body and spirit from the devastation of alcoholism and narcotic addiction.

Our only obligation is to help our clients recover their lives

Ours is a privately run women’s substance abuse treatment facility that accepts no outside funding, so our only obligation is to our clients and their well-being – and we take that obligation seriously. Our staff-to-client ratio is exceptional, and each person on staff is dedicated to providing understanding, grace, support and encouragement.

So whether you’re looking for drug or alcohol abuse rehabilitation in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina or any other community in Canada, the solution is West Coast Wellness Centre for Womenin Maple Ridge, British Columbia. We are supportive, effective and affordable.

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