Becoming an Empowered Woman & Overcoming Addiction

“Empower” has become the new buzzword that is banked on by advertisers and marketers across social media. However, what does “empower” mean? “Empower” is defined as giving power, authority or the ability to.

What does it mean when we say that she is empowered? It means that: She has the power, authority or the ability to.

…To do what?
This is precisely the question that you need to ask yourself on your journey of overcoming addiction. What do you want to have the power, authority and ability to do? The activities that you undertake to become an empowered woman will need to align with what you are seeking to do and achieve.

An empowered woman…

1. Controls her life
An empowered woman does not let circumstances, emotions, people or other factors control her life. Rather, she is in control of her life and makes every decision that has an impact upon her life. Regaining control of life may seem daunting, but gaining control over simple daily activities can provide the strength and confidence to pull yourself together and regain control of your life.

a) Make sure you get enough sleep, wake-up early and on time, every day.
b) Take control of your banking. Create budgets and schedule payments.
c) If you have children, help them with getting dressed for school, packing lunches and homework.
d) At work, create to-do lists and cross off every task that you complete.
e) Plan your week and all the errands that you need to run.
f) Every week, challenge yourself with a new choice. Be it wearing a new outfit, a restaurant that you’ve wanted to go to, a hike or doing something that is fun and will force you to make new decisions.

2. Honors her body
An empowered woman knows that her body is precious, she respects her body and makes positive choices to take care of her body. When an empowered woman looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see her flaws. Rather, she celebrates the woman that is rising above addictions and is actively facing each challenge. Activities that can help you honor your body include:

a) Nourish your body. Provide your body with food that will revitalize and fuel you with energy. Make healthy choices.
b) Drink lots of water.
c) Go for a daily walk and invigorate yourself with fresh air.
d) Learn yoga and meditation. These activities will help you think clearly and appreciate the beauty of your mind and body.

3. Treasures her passion
An empowered woman values her passion, her creativity and inspiration. She allows her passion and creativity to evolve with time, but does not abandon them. She treasures her passion and allows it to infuse happiness into her life.

a) Celebrate your passion. Be it art, writing, singing, cooking, stitching, etc. Whatever your passion is, find and schedule time for your hobbies.
b) Meet kindred spirits. Find groups or clubs that you can join to learn more about what you are passionate about.
c) Share your passion with the world. Feel comfortable to share what you are passionate about with your friends, family and on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Have pride in your talent.

4. Actively chooses to surround herself with positivity
People around us can have an impact on how we feel and our happiness. When we surround us with judgemental, critical or hurtful people, we begin to absorb their negative views and cloud our thoughts and emotions with these. The same is true when we surround ourselves with people who are unhappy. An empowered woman makes an active choice to decide who she surrounds herself with.

a) Let go of toxic relationships. Actively decide for yourself that you choose happiness and release those who invite unhappiness and negativity into your life.
b) Remove yourself from negative discussions. You have the choice to decide whether you want to engage in a discussion. For example, if your colleagues at work are complaining at the water cooler about other staff, you can choose to walk away from this.

5. Lives a life with purpose
An empowered woman not only wants to lead a positive life, but she also wants to make a positive impact in her community. She takes a stand for issues that she believes in. She actively gets involved in causes that she believes in. If she was involved in overcoming addiction herself, then she may want to contribute back to her community and help other women begin their own path over overcoming addiction.

a) Channel your past. Living your life with purpose allows you to channel and transform your past, into a beautiful creation for the future. For example, if the source of your addictions lies in losing a loved one due to an illness, then you need to channel the loss and your pain into supporting causes to spread awareness about the illness. Dedicate our time in supporting fundraising initiatives that support victims and research so that the illness will one day become treatable.
b) Find a cause that you believe in. Be it environmental causes such as recycling, preservation, sustainability, medical causes, advocating literacy or anything that speaks to your heart and soul. Lend your voice, time and effort into spreading awareness about your cause. Challenge yourself by taking an initiative and creating positive change.

6. Empowers others
An empowered woman supports and helps others live to their fullest potential. Whether it is her own children, friends, family or strangers, an empowered woman supports others by inspiring them to realize their full potential and finding the confidence to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

a) Share your experience. Share your experience of overcoming addiction with others who might be at risk for developing an addiction, or who may be battling an addiction themselves. Talk about your struggle, what worked for you and what didn’t. When we share our insight with others, not only are we teaching them, but we also learn from them.
b) Lift others. You words can be very powerful to another person. Just a sincere compliment or a few words of encouragement can make a big difference in another person’s life. Use your words to reach others and lift them.

As you begin to embody and manifest empowerment into your life, you find the determination, courage and conviction to beat the addiction.

“Nobody said that it’d be easy. They just promised it would be worth it” – Anonymous.

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