Emphasis on aftercare: Both Individual and family

Our Reasoning:

We feel it is important that each person start the practical journey into aftercare before graduation. It should also make sense that the client starts this leg of the journey with their future counselor and coach in advance, which makes the transition from treatment to outside living much safer and smoother. Also, with these sessions prepaid it removes any resistance from either the client or the family.

The Process:

The starting time should be about the fifth week of the six week program.

The idea is to start and practice this leg of the journey in preparation for re-entry to the real world. The best method would be for the counselor to utilize the first one or two sessions actually on location at the treatment center with the client. The rest of the prepaid sessions are to be used at the counselor’s location.

Alternative Suggestions:

Should distance, timing or other factors make an actual visit to the client at the centre difficult, some sessions could be used as telephone counseling. Alternatively, you might invite your family or partner into counseling in preparation for your arrival. The balance of the sessions then may be used either with the client and family or just the client. It’s important to know that the best use of the prepaid sessions is left up to the trust of the addictions counselor. In any case it allows the opportunity to expand the aftercare program to the best length as well as include other family members.

Our Aftercare Team

Ina Stockhausen, RPC. – North Vancouver, BC
Evolutions, PositiveLifeChanges – www.positivelifechanges.ca
From a place of respect and appreciation for everyone’s unique journey and healing process, Ina will support you to make positive life changes that will reinforce your recovery.
Her special body-mind approach combines the strengths of talk therapy, such as cognitive behavioural therapy with body awareness, opening the doors to another set of tools and resources that will aid you on your healing journey.
Ina will help you identify ‘all the pieces of the puzzle’ so you can gain insights into your personal story and the core issues underlying your addiction. Her motto is: “It’s all about unlocking your potential for happiness and vitality”. Contact Ina at 778 558 8207 or email info@positivelifechanges.ca